• Decentralized
    game ecosystem

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    Say no more to a conventional virtual asset management platform.

    Real-time benefits:

    Our will prevent illegal duplication and cheating that exists in the gaming community now. With the blockchain applied to video games, no more hacked game accounts, stolen game licenses or score cheating. No more attacks on databases!

    Funding and partners:

    Funded by few of the top investors in China and we are partnered with other projects like Achain. Which proves how much diversified and transparent their idea is.

    Large audience and market:

    Game industry! you know how vast it is. This industry has been experiencing major shifts for a decade now. First came broadband internet, then the rise of Steam. A promising concept like ugChain will possibly power the next shift.
  • Blockchain based
    virtual asset manager

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    ugChain is the first ecosystem consisting of a series of decentralized applications in China, and its core is a decentralized account system (DAS) based on blockchain technology. The system has built-in exclusive token UG Token (UGT), which simultaneously has the equity attribute and monetary attribute.

    ugChain first entered the gaming industry and teamed up with 360, Hoolai and other China domestic famous game operators to design a gaming ecosystem solution with the application scenarios including game distribution channel, game account trading, game payment, virtual commodity purchase, E-gaming, league holding, crowdfunding, community and other areas.

    Using our double-blockchain technology, we have built a BaaS (Block-as-a-Service) platform which can be combined with artificial intelligence and big data more effectively to provide strong support for resource-heavy blockchain apps and accelerate the development of blockchain applications.

Double-Blockchain Technology

After more than a year of application practice, in-depth study,
and analysis of a series of blockchain technologies, ugChain has designed a double-blockchain interaction mode that combines the advantages of the public blockchain with the consortium blockchain.

  • Features
  • Create a reliable and decentralized application and account system.

  • Solve the efficiency of blockchain through the world's first double-blockchain system solutions.

  • Become the preferred development platform in this area through virtual asset management smart contracts package on the blockchain.

  • Develop the virtual asset management industry standards, and provide a specific underlying platform for realization.

  • Flexible game and virtual world access strategy.

Road Map
  • ugChain enters the block chain industry
  • March Team establishment: start to focus on account security management
  • Sep Application exploration: the team formally cooperated with the fund industry
  • Oct Account development: embark on the exploration and development of decentralized accounts
  • ugChain has been implemented in the game industry
  • Aug The first alliance chain product based on hyperledger has been implemented
  • The second half of 2016 Investment partner support: We have obtained the joint investment of Legendcapital, 360, sequoia capital, zero2ipo venture capital, CA venture capital
  • The first Chinese game ecosystem based on blockchain decentralized technology is established
  • March ugchain white paper version v1.0 was launched
  • End of Apr Multi-enterprise cooperation: cooperation with game companies such as Hoolai, Hero entertainment, 360 etc.
  • May ugChain white paper V2.3 is officially published, signing up for Chinese large-scale e-sports platform ECG
  • June UG wallet android version 1.0 lanuched
  • Aug China independent game aid plan is completed
  • PY trading post launched
  • The Rainbow Six e-sports competition host by ugchain and ECG has successfully concluded
  • UG wallet features upgrade
  • Sep The UGL college league started, more than 30 universities to kick
  • The PY trading station mode upgraded
  • UG official website update, brand new upgrade
  • The first offline UG e-sports bar is launched
  • Sep The iOS versoin of UG wallet has been released
  • The UGL college league started
  • OctThe game distribution platform BOOLU is officially launched
  • The e-sports battle platform Carry is under development
  • NovThe UG wallet upgraded which added The Balance function
  • Brand upgraded and prepared for tech system upgrade
  • In ProgressStart Global Blockchain Gaming Alliance
  • Launch e-sport battle platform
  • Launch game account trading platform